Phonology 2 (LIN 623) Post Spring Break Paper Schedule

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Course: MW 10:30-11:50, SBS S216

Instructor: Jeffrey Heinz,

Office Hours: TTh 11:20-13:00, SBS N237

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Post Spring Break Paper Schedule

Mon 3/20

Intro to Computational Phonology (Jeff)

Wed 3/22

Dell and Elmedlaoui 1985. Syllabic Consonants and Syllabification in Imdlawn Tashlhiyt Berber. (Felix, Ryan)

Mon 3/27

Prince and Smolensky 1993. Optimality Theory. Chapter 2 on syllabification in Imdlawn Tashlhiyt Berber (Jack, Abdullah)

Wed 3/29

Strother-Garcia 2018 “Imdlawn Tashlhiyt Berber Syllabification is Quantifier-Free” (Logan, Anastasiia)

Mon 4/3

Chandlee, Jane and Adam Jardine. 2021. Input and output locality and representation. Glossa: a journal of general linguistics 6(1): 43. 1–27. (Sarah, Elizabeth)

Wed 4/5

Jane Chandlee and Adam Jardine. 2021. Computational universals in linguistic theory: Using recursive programs for phonological Leo, Logan, Alexa

Mon 4/10

Jonathan Kaye. The mystery of the tenth vowel. Journal of Linguistic research, 1:1–14, 1980. (Elnaz, William)

Wed 4/12

Ricardo Bermudez-Otero. Stratal Phonology. 2018. The Routledge handbook of phonological theory, 100-134. (Allison, Abdullah)

Mon 4/17

Eric Raimy. 1999. Representing Reduplication. (Chapters 1,2) (Alexa, Erica)

Wed 4/19

Eric Raimy. 2000. Phonology and Morphology of Reduplication. Chapter 2. (Allison, Jack)

Mon 4/24

Bruce Hayes, Robert Kirchner, and Donca Steriade, editors. Phonetically-Based Phonology. 2004. (Chapters 1,2) (Felix, Elnaz)

Wed 4/26

Juliette Blevins. A theoretical synopsis of Evolutionary Phonology. Theoretical Linguistics 32-2 (2006), 117–166. (William, Leo)

Mon 5/1

Charles Reiss. 2017. Substance free phonology. Routledge. (Sarah, Elizabeth, Erica)

Wed 5/3

M Leduc, C Reiss, V Volenec. Votic vowel harmony in Substance Free Logical Phonology. The Oxford Handbook of Vowel Harmony. (Anastasiia, Ryan)