Workshop on Model Theoretic Representations in Phonology


This workshop brings together researchers studying phonological representations from a computational perspective and the role they play in describing, understanding, and the learning of, phonological processes.

When and Where



Google folder where electronic talk materials will be deposited

Thursday September 22

15:00 Jeff Heinz and Scott Nelson (Stony Brook) “The Past, Present, and Future of Model Theoretic Phonology”
16:00 Hossep Dolatian (Stony Brook) Tutorial “Implementing logic-based approaches to phonology”
17:00 Eric Meinhardt (UCSD) Tutorial “SMT solvers as a research tool for phonology”

Friday September 23


09:00 Siddharth Bhaskar (JMU) and Jane Chandlee (Haverford) and Adam Jardine (Rutgers) “Boolean monadic recursive schemes and the rational and subsequential functions”
09:30 Jon Rawski (SJSU) and Lucie Baumont (CEA Paris Saclay) “Phonology and the Linguistic Swampland”
10:00 Broader Discussion
10:20 BREAK
10:30 Eileen Blum (Rutgers) “The computational effects of multi-tiered ARs on vowel harmony”
11:00 Andrew Lamont (UCL) “The phonotactics of nasal cluster dissimilation”
11:30 Broader Discussion
11:50 LUNCH
13:30 Olivia Griffin (UCSD) and Jia He Sun (Queens U) “Computational Complexity and Iconic Functions of Morphophonological Processes”
14:00 Andrija Petrovic (Stony Brook) “Formalizing morphology over strings: Insights from the interfaces”
14:30 Broader Discussion
14:50 BREAK
15:00 Nick Danis (Washington U) “Natural class-preserving transductions among phonological representations”
15:30 Scott Nelson (Stony Brook) “Gestures, Coupling Graphs, and Strings”
16:00 Broader Discussion
16:20 BREAK
16:30 Huteng Dai (Rutgers) “Learning phonological constraints in the presence of exceptions”
17:00 Kyle Gorman (CUNY) “Black-box morphophonology”
17:30 Broader Discussion

Saturday September 24

09:00-09:55 Panel Discussion Part 1: "Reflections" featuring Eric Bakovic (UCSD), Karthik Durvasula (MSU), Adam Jardine (Rutgers), Kristine Yu (UMass) and moderated by Scott Nelson (SBU)
09:55-10:10 Panel Discussion Part 1: Q and A with audience
10:20-11:15 Panel Discussion Part 2: "How to connect with the broader linguistic community" featuring Eric Bakovic (UCSD), Karthik Durvasula (MSU), Adam Jardine (Rutgers), Kristine Yu (UMass) and moderated by Scott Nelson (SBU)
11:15-11:30 Panel Discussion Part 2: Q and A with audience
11:30 Concluding remarks
12:00 The End


We thank the Institute for Advanced Computional Science and the Department of Linguistics for their support.